Does your brand have purpose?


Melrose Moda is a creative agency focused on building brands with purpose. Our team of experts will serve you through every piece of your project from start to finish including branding, photography, and design. We cater to a modern generation while always embracing simplicity.

As entrepreneurs, it is vital to have a strong work ethic combined with genuine purpose behind what you do because discouragement is inevitable.

There will always be someone better, more experienced, and well resourced than you. Knowing the “why” behind what you do, and not compromising your core values, are what will keep you at the top when you get there.

Jadacy Shepard is Owner/Lead Makeup Artist of Pinup Cosmetics. Through her makeup line, artistry work, and digital influence, she hopes to help young girls and women know that they are enough.

"It is my goal to foster young women to walk confidently in their purpose. Through gaining exposure in the beauty and fashion industry, I can bring attention to much evaded topics in relation to self-esteem in a digital age."


Jadacy has been a guest speaker at many local schools and universities inspiring the next generation to be girl bosses, fashion moguls, and chic techies!

"I want to create a space where young women truly understand the importance of self-love instead of self-tolerance, allow themselves to dream and PINpoint their passions. I want to be a vessel in producing an era of women who are no longer consumed by the images of social media and reality TV. To me, this is GENERATIONAL BEAUTY!" | @pinupcosmetics | #PINNED #empowHER

Does your brand have purpose?
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