Is it time to implement contracts in your business?

Have you been wondering if it’s time to implement contracts in your business?

If you’re just starting off, it can definitely seem overwhelming. People often times think contracts “ruin” relationships, especially when half of your client’s are your friends. This is not always true! Instead, what may create tension in relationships is frequent miscommunication. Having a detailed contract regarding the professional service you offer eliminates technicality issues. Some of the most common problems are due to payments and scheduling. Although there are a lot of intricacies most people don't think about on a regular basis, because they don't happen every day...such as weather complications, emergencies, timing, etc.

If you’re worried about the length of contracts, don’t! It IS possible to create a short contract, straight to the point, covering you AND your client of any future mishaps.


Sample Contract.


A few things to include:

  • Billing Structure

  • Scheduling

  • Ownership rights

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