5 reasons to launch your own website


Launching a website is a must! Whether you are a freelancing Creative, or a full time employee,
there are a myriad of benefits to branding yourself through your own website. Before we go any
further, if you don’t already own it, be sure to purchase your name as a domain. Thank me later!
If you’re still on the fence about launching a website, here are 5 reasons why you should do it
sooner rather than later:

1. Brand Yourself + Establish Yourself As An Expert //

No matter who you are, you are a walking brand. Decide who you want to be and look into branding yourself as such. I’m not saying to lie about yourself and create an entirely new identify for the internet but, think about what you want to be known for. Do you want to known as the authority on a certain topic? Share your knowledge and expertise with the world. I know you may be thinking that everything has been done, however, there is only one you. Once you put your personal touch on a topic of your choice, it becomes your own. What do you love? Beauty? Video games? Parenting? Tell us all the things you know, in your voice and establish yourself as an expert.

2. You’ll Be On A Global Platform //

Exposure is the name of the game here. The world is a big place, and the internet allows you to
get in front of people beyond your town, your state and even your country. For example, besides
The United States, most of my readers are located in Jamaica, Nigeria, Kenya, The UK and even
The Philippines. If you really want to put yourself out there, creating a website is the way to do
it. People can get to know you, learn what you’re about and find value in the content that you’re
creating. There’s no bigger platform than the internet.

3. Creative Space + Portfolio //

There are so many people who created their websites as a creative escape from their 9 to 5’s.
Having a website or blog is a fantastic outlet to exercise the creative part of your brain to
produce content. Perhaps you’re not working in a field you love, but you’re passionate about
something else. Use a blog to share what you love with your audience. Deep down, you want a
career that you’re passionate about, and your blog may serve as a portfolio for that to happen.
Remember that global platform I talked about? You never know who is reading your blog or
watching your social media accounts so make sure you’re always on brand.

4. Share Your Story:

Most people don’t think that their story is interesting, but its is. There is something about you
that is unique and something that makes you relateable. You never know who you may help our
inspire through sharing your story. I felt extremely vulnerable while sharing my journey to
healing after my daughter passed. I wanted to keep my thoughts to myself, but day after day I
found myself typing away. My website was my escape although I was sometimes embarrassed to
share so much. At one point I was going to quit blogging all together. However, my readers
started emailing me about having gone through similar experiences and admired how open I
was. By sharing my raw feelings, I was expressing the same thoughts they were having, which
made them feel as though they weren’t alone. People even starting sharing my links with friends
who had also lost children and needed someone to relate to. People gravitate towards
authenticity – when people know you’re real and feel as though they have things in common
with you, they will buy into you. While I don’t have the biggest blog on the block, brands
recognize that I have been able to create a tight knit community who supports everything that I

5. You’ll Meet New People: Your Network Determines Your Net Worth //

As an adult, you quickly learn that life is not about what you know, but who you know. The
last three full time jobs I’ve had, I got in the door because I was referred by a friend. Knowing
people will always put you ahead of the game if you are known to be professional, punctual and
hard working. Prior to blogging, I was pretty shy. However, I eventually started receiving invites
to attend local events and realized that I had to snap out of it. If I wanted to brand myself as an
expert, I was going to have to meet new people and tell them about my site. Through attending
events and networking, I have met some really cool people – some of who have now become my
really good friends.

I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet CEO’s of brands that I use in my daily life and meet people
that I’ve admired from a far. Not to mention, I have some dope internet friends who are making
moves in their respective industries. Get out there, and meet new people!
If you don't know where to start, Melrose Moda Creative Agency will walk you through the steps of how to brand yourself...even work with you to create a beautiful website! Ready to take the plunge? There’s no better time to do it than now.


Let's do it!

Author: Jheanell Adams | www.Jheanell.com | @jheanelladams

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