Naturally Managing Scoliosis With Dr.Chris: Pain Free Chiropractic Experience

A lot of my friends describe my style as "Sporty Chic" but little do they of my childhood dreams was to become a famous soccer player. As soon as I entered middle school, I wanted to try out for the soccer team which required approval by my Doctor.

My Doctor suspected I had a mild curvature, sent me to get x-rays done, then diagnosed me with mild scoliosis. My dreams were try telling a twelve year old they need to wear a back brace to school and can't play sports! haha.

 Naturally-managing- Scoliosis-with-Dr-Chris- Pain-Free-Chiropractic-Experience-melrose-moda-melrose-elise
Fun Fact: I'm actually a certified Radiologic Technologist & have worked within the Florida Hospital Community for several years! Who else is in the medical field?!?!

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that usually occurs during the growth spurt just before puberty. It can cause back problems, lung/breathing issues, and become so severe that surgery is essential.

I have always had back pain but learned to live with it. Mild scoliosis is tricky because most treatments are designed for severe cases. Recently, I have been seeing Dr. Chris at Pain Free Chiropractic and never felt better - Which I don't say lightly.

 Naturally-managing- Scoliosis-with-Dr-Chris- Pain-Free-Chiropractic-Experience-melrose-moda-melrose-elise

Dr. Chris taught me that even though scoliosis is something I may have to live with for the rest of my life, I don't need to live with the pain that comes with it. I have been coming in at least once a week for adjustments focused on my major problem areas. He has also helped me find ways to manage my pain NATURALLY, for example:

  • I may be having pain as a consequence of scoliosis, but there are activities and positions that aggravate it, like sitting. Sounds simple but when I stand more, I prevent more pain.
  • Tension from stress also promotes pain. If our adrenal glands, which release chemicals in our body to fight stress, become fatigued, we are unable to properly fight stress! Taking natural adrenal supplements can help with stress and prevent more pain!
  • My overall favorite quality about Dr. Chris is his holistic health approach. After conversing about the different stresses in my life, he suggested I pray more often! He also implements the use of essential oils in his practice, which I love! I am a firm believer in aromatherapy.

It took my body a few weeks to adjust after all the alignments, but I am finally starting to feel MUCH better. I have even noticed my posture is improving without me trying to stand up straight! I'm so happy to experience the benefits of having a chiropractor and I will never be the same.

If you struggle with any of these problems,
have a chat with Dr. Chris and tell him Melrose sent you!

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 Naturally-managing- Scoliosis-with-Dr-Chris- Pain-Free-Chiropractic-Experience-melrose-moda-melrose-elise

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 Naturally-managing- Scoliosis-with-Dr-Chris- Pain-Free-Chiropractic-Experience-melrose-moda-melrose-elise
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