Parisian Fashion

 Photo Credit  @ashleymaiso

Photo Credit @ashleymaiso



If you haven’t already noticed, my current favorite trend is RED! This year I started a tradition of buying pins at all of the places I visit, to then add to my denim jacket. I am particularly obsessed with the heart shaped pin of Joe Biden and Obama (see below). I have truly been enjoying the art of incorporating pops of red into my wardrobe, especially in unexpected ways like this one! Souvenirs not only remind us of where we have been but who we were in that season of our lives. The Melrose who traveled to Canada, Peru, and New York were all different people! Souvenirs are linked to a destination and in the same way where we have been leads us to become the person we were destined to be all along. I also do this with key-chains! What are your favorite souvenirs to collect? Do you have any traditions when you travel?

One of the things I love about Parisian fashion, which we see carried on to other major cities like New York and Los Angeles, is the Art of not caring! Although I usually opt for minimal looks and darker colors, I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone once in a while. Life is full of surprises so let’s keep it interesting, Live life Parisian style!

Did you know that the big red trend for Fall 2017 was inspired by women empowerment on the runway? GIRL POWER!

(Check out my crimson red head-to-toe look here)

Je ne regrette rien dans ma vie, a l’exception de ce que je n’ai pas fait
— coco chanel

Outfit details ///

Denim jacket: Forever21, Pants: Anne klein, Top: H&M, Shoes: TJmaxx, Hat: Forever21, Glasses: Agaci, Handbag: Marshalls