Parisian Beauty


As cliché as it sounds, I have always dreamed of waking up in the city of love long before I even knew what romance was. Coming from a Hispanic heritage, it’s common to celebrate turning fifteen years old with a “Quincenera” party but instead I asked my Father for a trip to Paris. It’s safe to say things didn’t turn out as planned after my parent’s divorce, but Paris has always had a special significance in my heart. I even took French in High School for two years and maintained straight A’s!

If you asked me: “If you could wake up tomorrow anywhere in the world, where would it be?” my response would be Paris. Imaging waking up from a restful sleep in a silk nightgown, a fresh bouquet of roses, and a hearty breakfast after spending a few minutes on a refreshing skincare routine. Every time I use Darphin products, my thoughts dance around this idea.

Did you know that mixing a drop of oil into your moisturizer once in a blue moon can be beneficial even for oily skin? When my skin is dehydrated, I mix a drop of the Vetiver Stress Relief Essential Oil Elixir with the Predermine Sculpting Night Cream. My favorite product is the Hand and Nail crème with Rose Water, because it feels and smells like a dream.

France is more than “la tour Eiffel” and croissants. When I think about France, I envisage the History, Architecture, Art, Fashion, Beauty, Cuisine, language, and Culture (the word “culture” actually comes from France which comes from a French term, which comes from a Latin term “Colere” meaning: tend to the earth, growth, cultivation, and nurture).

What makes you think about Paris?

Stay tuned for more Parisian Vibes including a delicious Vegan breakfast recipe and Paris Fashion Week inspired outfit!

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