Pajama trend

Hi Fashion Friends!

I've been especially excited to post this look because I know it's a trend a lot of people are unsure about. The other day on Chic Conviction's LIVE broadcast, I talked about my favorite tip for layering in the fall by mixing textures.


This is actually one of the rules I live by when I'm shopping in general because it helps me find quality pieces, ESPECIALLY when thrifting or browsing discounted stores.

On my latest trip to Goodwill, I spotted this evergreen Victoria's Secret blouse in the night-gown section for $2.99 (yeah, I know right?!). After witnessing the feel of silky satin and it's beautiful metallic evergreen shine, almost instantly I knew this was an #ootd waiting to happen. I've been making a lot of daring moves this the fashion sense and in life! I love inspiring people to be bold! I mean how else will you really experience life?!?!

 Photo Credit: @seeb.sensei //Choker   Forever21

Photo Credit: @seeb.sensei //Choker Forever21

 Photo Credit: @seeb.sensei // Silk Blouse   Goodwill  , Shorts   H&M  , Denim Jacket   Old Navy

Photo Credit: @seeb.sensei // Silk Blouse Goodwill, Shorts H&M, Denim Jacket Old Navy

So how do you pull of the pajama trend? Mix fabrics!

I also love the look of oversized sleepwear! I mean, you want to look comfortable right?

 Photo Credit: @seeb.sensei // Heels   Payless

Photo Credit: @seeb.sensei // Heels Payless

 Photo Credit: @seeb.sensei //Gold bracelet   Michael Kors  , Marble cuff   Forever21  , Blush Stone cuff   Forever21

Photo Credit: @seeb.sensei //Gold bracelet Michael Kors, Marble cuff Forever21, Blush Stone cuff Forever21

Also, check out my friend's pajama trend inspo in a beautiful blush colored blouse! (more at @kaleydignen #streetstyle