"Out of it"

Hi Friends!

I have to admit, I have been feeling a little bit out of it lately. Don't we all go through seasons like that? Whether you're a blogger, an entrepreneur, or honestly doing anything to reach your dreams.

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The other day I found myself talking to someone who felt the exact same way - one day we feel like conquering the world and the next day we don't want to do anything. You ask yourself "AM I BIPOLAR?" haha no, you're not! It's called being human!

It has taken me time to fully grasp the fact that I won't always feel like "conquering the world" but that doesn't mean I won't reach my goals or dreams. Perseverance is about pushing and knowing when you need rest. Creativity requires you to unwind, ideas need support, and meaningful moments need to stand still.

So next time you feel "out of it" tell yourself you ARE IN IT by positioning yourself to be at leisure, as fuel for your next challenge.


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Dress Charlotte Russe, Cap Goodwill, Lace up boots Aldos, Choker Forever 21

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