Minimalist Home Decor

Hi Beauties,

Are you marble obsessed on a budget? Want to revamp your space? Here are some ideas for home decor and my favorite places to shop!

It's almost the end of the year and I have been thinking about what my goals will be for next year. In the beginning of 2016 I started my journey towards "Minimalism", which is actually harder than it looks! To continue on the path of simplicity for my health, finances, purpose, and life in general...I have set minimalism as a goal for 2017.

 "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo da Vinci


Vision Wall DIY

This year I decided to elevate the traditional vision board to an aesthetically pleasing "vision wall". First, I made a list of goals by sections. Then I searched for a matching photo on either my personal Instagram feed or on Pinterest which then I added a polaroid overlay to on PicMonkey Photo Editor. After I printed the pictures, on the bottom of the "polaroid" I wrote a couple of words to represent each goal. To tape them up, I used electrical tape.

Grid Hack

For the longest time I wanted a metal grid display, but could never get myself to spend over $30 for one. I decided to create my own with a jewelry tray insert which is under $10. I grabbed some scissors and cut out all of the squares to only leave the outline of the sections. It gives textural dimension!



There are a lot of good quality products which are also aesthetically pleasing. I always try to think outside the box, and purchase products that match my decor theme. For example: perfume, body mist, hair products, books, notebooks etc. Also keep this in mind when choosing which objects to display. In my case, I picked out a few black and white makeup items with gold accents // I also display only white, gray, and black pieces on my clothing rack while keeping the rest of my wardrobe tucked away in my closet.


Marble DIY

I'm pretty sure you have heard about marble contact paper DIY's. An even more inexpensive solution for a few marble accent pieces is to print the wallpaper. I especially love doing this to cover up candles!

Unexpected places

I've been that girl. I have cut off a branch or leaf in the name of interior design!

All stores have a system for marking down items, and after a while of not being sold they will go on clearance. Just because it's in the clearance section, doesn't mean it's broken or worn. Always start off there and then move on to the newer sections!
(ps: Target marks down sales bi-weekly)

Talk about DIY heaven, there are so many furniture pieces you can paint and refurbish for almost 75% off retail price!

D O L L A R - S T O R E S
Great for buying succulents or other small novelties that you can then spray paint over and make look expensive!

Other favorite stores
Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, IKEA