Summer is almost here and I'm ready for some sunshine! I recently collaborated with local blogger Nubiana Liloutee and Makeup Guru Peter Pratts to create a Summer Mermaid look


Unicorns & mermaids remind me of the magical moments in life. If you feel uninspired or stuck, do something different! Step out of your comfort zone!

What I love about this look is that although it is a themed look, it's not "costume-y". I would have no shame rocking this to the pool or even the beach. Why not? Embrace your inner glow!

Makeup Deets
C h e e k s• Becca Sun Lit bronzer, Sleek Solstice palette highlight
E y e s•  Colourpop X ILuvSarahii $aucy palette
L i p s• ILuvSarahii 951 Liner, Smashbox X VladMua metallic glosses shades

Outfit Deets
Swimsuit @Forever21
Kimono @Forever21
Choker @Forever21