Are you a leader or follower?


We have set our minds to think that it's "uncool" to be a follower. There is no greater example than our very own Instagram culture, where having more followers than people you follow means you are important.

so, are you a leader or a follower?

 Photo credit:  @Seeb.Sensei

Photo credit: @Seeb.Sensei

You are both!

 Photo credit:  @Seeb.Sensei

Photo credit: @Seeb.Sensei

The truth is that there are a lot of trendsetters, authority figures, influencers and innovators...but not all of them are leaders. The same way we read books, attend seminars, and listen to every podcast available about learning to be a leader...we need to learn to follow. Follow and support our family, Follow and support our friends, Follow and support our co-workers.

 Photo credit:  @Seeb.Sensei

Photo credit: @Seeb.Sensei

The greatest leader have a servant heart. We can discover our greatest strength in our own fragility, and encourage others to see life as more than a winner-takes-all contest. An individual's growth is tied to the development of others.

One day I was working on a photo shoot with a client and they made a comment saying - "I think it's amazing that you can as easily stand in front of a camera, as you do behind it"

I had the pleasure of working with local photographer Haseeb Haidar (@Seeb.Sensei) who shared some insight into his creative process and connecting with people.

Melrose: What do you enjoy about photography?
Seeb: "I view photography as a language, it is a craft with which I feel I am able to communicate the most intricate and intangible moments of life, moments that would be misunderstood or even bland when brought up in your average conversation. A perspective that can challenge even the most stubborn mindset."

Melrose: How would you feel being in front of the camera for a day?
Seeb: "I feel that when I am behind the camera I am the one in the highest position of power, earned through trust in my vision, being ultimately in control."

Melrose: Do you believe the control or power your feel behind the camera can be translated into being in front of the camera?
Seeb: "I believe it can, but like any other skill, it must be developed in order to find a system or mindset that allows you to free yourself from doubt or negativity."

Melrose: What motivates you and what inspires your creative process?
Seeb: "Myself, because I want to be able to push myself to the depth of my ability. My creative process is very textbook in actuality."

Melrose: Ultimately there's a connection between your creative process and your model, you find motivation in support from others?
Seeb: "Absolutely, I believe in order to prosper, one must be able to communicate effectively, and with that also comes the ability to adhere or encourage growth between one another."

Melrose: What have you learned by connecting with people you have met through your photography?
Seeb: "I’ve learned that networking is the key to success, but more importantly that everybody is far more different than I could have imagined. Often times there are only two possible scenarios when connecting to people in a creative medium: they are either there to build you up, or tear down what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish, and true wisdom lies in being able to see the difference."