Simple Entrepreneurship

3 tips to making Entrepreneurship simple with Elaine Rau from
"The Lady Boss Blogger"

 photo credit @m.markguerrero

photo credit @m.markguerrero

Have a Vision

The current trend is to ‘be your own boss’ and ‘become an entrepreneur’, but before you do you should ask yourself… why? Is it for freedom? Is it to make more money? Know that both of those won’t come easily or quickly. You have to literally change your entire mindset from an employee to the boss who sees the bigger picture. You need to have a vision, a vision that other people can catch on to. What are you offering to the world? How can your business benefit others? Because now that you are the boss, it isn’t about your own benefits anymore, instead it is all about how you can serve others.


Build a Brand

Oftentimes we see brands that have been around for years and compare our new brand to them. “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or end”. When I started back in September 2016, I was getting like 2-5 likes per photo on Instagram, now 6 months later I am getting 70-100 likes per photo – everything that is organic and genuine takes time. We live in the instant gratification age where we just want to buy followers to gain the façade that our content is being seen when in reality our numbers don’t match up with the engagement. To brand is to build your reputation, emphasis on build.


Stick to the Mission

Your vision may change as you and your business evolve, but your mission must be solid. Many people call this your “why” but I like to call it your “what”. What is the goal of your company? What kind of impact do you want to make on the world? My original vision for was to connect with female entrepreneurs and learn from them because I couldn’t afford a mentor, but it evolved into a service due to the sheer amount of interviews that were blowing up on social media. My mission hasn’t changed though; it has and will always be to elevate women in the entrepreneurial realm by providing a platform to display their expertise.


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