Jaanuu Scrubs

Hi Friends!

I'm obsessed with the new Jaanuu Biker Top! It has such a different look to it that I have received compliments from co-workers, Doctors, and even patient's. I appreciate that it emphasizes my femininity and hugs my curves - dressing up for work doesn't have to be boring!

Available colors: Black, Graphite, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, White

Use the code "MELROSEBA30" at checkout for 30% off

Through "Runway 2 Remedy" initiative , with each apparel purchase, Jaanuu will provide medicine to child victims of sexual slavery. Each and every single minute, two children are sold.

"Jaanuu is derived from the Hindi word "Jaan", meaning life. Jaanuu is used for someone you love, implying he or she is as dear to you as life itself. Each day you breathe "Jaan" into the hearts of your patients, and we understand your everyday sacrifices. Each item at Jaanuu is made you, and we honor you."

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