iDeal Of Sweden

I have been using iDeal Of Sweden phone cases for some time now and would like to share with you three reasons why I love the brand.

1. They are safe

I used to always struggle to find a phone case that was thin enough for my taste without compromising the protection of my phone. I am happy to announce that iDeal Of Sweden passes the test! I have dropped my phone countless times while using these cases and my screen has not cracked! For additional protection, I also use the iDeal Of Sweden screen protectors.

2. Never not matching

Not only can I coordinate my phone case with what I am wearing, but they also sell matching chargers, power banks, USB ports for your car, wallet cases, etc...


#ootd approved


3. Packaging

For those of you who appreciate packaging, iDeal Of Sweden is for you! Each phone case arrives in a reusable package which makes it easier to keep them organized and a great way for my product to last longer, free from scratches, dents, or cracks. I also love that the containers are transparent so I can see what I have when choosing one to match with my outfit of the day!


See for yourself! Make sure to use coupon code "MELROSE" for 20% your purchase :) | #idealofsweden | #sponsored