Heel + Sock Trend

Hey there Fashionistas,

There has always been a trend I'm afraid to try. Nobody wants to look silly! In the same way, sometimes we allow fear to hinder us from doing what we really want to do.

Do you fear what people think? Are you afraid of not measuring up? Do you get cold feet when you're about to step out in faith?

 Handbag   Michael Kors

Handbag Michael Kors

Stop being a people pleaser! Let's grab a pair of socks, put our heels on, and just do it.

 Socks   Forever21  , Heels   Target

Socks Forever21, Heels Target

I was a little apprehensive at first but I'm loving this sock + heels trend! It's the perfect fall-autumn-winter look. It's a fun look for skirts, dresses, cropped pants or jeans.

For socks you can try any color, texture, print, length, sheer, frills, edgy, boho, chic and you can wear them with sandals, pumps, or my favorite chunky 70's heels.

 Shirt Dress   H&M  , Duster   NeverNakedBoutique  , Sunnies   Aldos

Shirt Dress H&M, Duster NeverNakedBoutique, Sunnies Aldos

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