You are gold baby, solid gold

 Photo Credit  @ashleymaiso

Photo Credit @ashleymaiso


Have you ever looked around and realized there is nobody to motivate you? nobody to push you? nobody to challenge you? Over time I have learned that we must do this for ourselves. Seasons change, people change, and circumstances change but we should always remain unmovable. If we continue to search for those things in others, we will often be disappointed. It's not even about introspection or seeking to find that within us, but it is a process of development. Becoming a resilient person is about exactly that, BECOMING. The bad news is that we will have to go through things alone -- pain, change, even moments of joy. The good news — you will learn to rely on yourself for motivation. Your number one fan is Jesus. He has placed the Holy Spirit within you, to guide you, council you, comfort you...yet we seem to forget how prayer works. It's internal! I can't count how many people have told me they don't know how to pray. Although you may think this is true, it's not! Ninety percent of my prayer time is spent while I am driving, walking, thinking...pretty much anywhere and doing anything! I am in constant connection with God. Once you get to that place, there is nothing that can break that profound link. The wisdom you need to find a solution, the strength you need to build, the doors you need to open, and the boldness to walk through them...lie deep within your spirit.

YOU are gold baby, solid gold! ✨✨✨

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Pants: H&M, Top: H&M, Booties: Forever21, Handbag: Bebe, Earrings: Aldos, Sunnies: Forever21