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Hi lovelies,

I recently decided to start making changes in my life. One of them has been to pay more attention to my skin. I want to start this new season with my skin feeling fresh and renewed!

I teamed up with Emily Saker, owner and founder of Glo Aesthetics which is part of a salon collector called "Porte Noir" located in Heathrow / Lake Mary, Florida.

Like some of us, Emily once had acne breakouts during her adolesence. She took the challenge upon herself and turned it into a passion, while helping others achieve clear skin as well as her own. Emily is an Aesthetician of 8 years, but different than most and what I personally LOVE is that she is a Medical Aesthetician versus a Spa Aesthetician. 

That means that she is under the supervision of a Physician, which allows her access to medical grade products. She also specializes in near-medical services such as microdermabrasion, exfoliation, microneedling, and LED treatments. These treatments help reduce scarring, hyperpigmintation, large pores, and improve elasticity.

Based on my skin type, we decided to do the Trinity microdermabrasion wet dry technique, and LED light therapy.

I learned so much about my skin and was so grateful that she was explaining what she was going to do next, what product or tool she was using and why. I think it's so important to know what you an investing in for your skin and why!

The first step was the microdermabrasion, which started with a mask to loosen the dead skin cells and prep them for the next step. 

The Trinity wet dry exfoliating system has a suction which helps to buff and renew your skin by removing the dead skin cells from the skin...and you can actually see the residue inside the tube!

Glo Aesthetics uses IMAGE line products which maintain a reasonable price without compromising quality, and that sounds good to me!!!

Honestly, I left feeling Glo Aesthetics, with a GLOW!!! It was all painless, and my skin was not red or swollen. It was so soft and I was so happy to see all of the dead skin BE GONE!!! Actually seeing it truly made a difference for me too!

Now that my skin has had time to peel a little and heal, I can SEE and FEEL the difference. I think the moment I noticed the most difference was when I put on my foundation. My face has looked SO smooth! I know now that the bumps I noticed before had a lot to do with build up and dead skin cells. 

  Glo is the cutest little space! I love the natural light coming in, the chill music, and modern feel of the décor

Glo is the cutest little space! I love the natural light coming in, the chill music, and modern feel of the décor

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This post is brought to you by Glo Aesthetics, while my opinions are honest always