Florals Taking ROOT this season in Men's Fashion.

When it comes to wearing floral prints,  there are several ways to pull off such a feat. For example, you can look SUAVE by pairing either a floral shirt, pant or blazer to any look to make it look like you just stepped out of GQ Magazine or on your way to St. Bart on vacation. Here are #SUAVETIPS on why floral prints are an important asset in Men’s Fashion today and why you shouldn’t write them off because we're men.

The floral print has been around for years. As seen this past Men's Fashion Week in New York; GUCCI, Topman, and a few other designers took Florals to a whole other level in the Men's Fashion Mixing different floral patterns and prints together.

As they say, it takes a real man to wear pink – and wearing floral is no exception to this rule. I always tell my male clients don't let the garment wear you, you wear the garment.

True style is all about how you carry yourself. So this season fellas don't be afraid to add a little floral to your wardrobe and make it your own! 

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