Faith Blogging

Blogging + Entrepreneurship, where does faith fit into the equation?

I remember sitting at a blogger’s brunch a few years ago and expressing my desire to share my faith on my blog or website but not knowing how.

It’s already frightening to open yourself up to the world, and faith is such a personal conviction.

That day, I connected with Lex who is now co-founder along with me of Chic conviction Ministries. Together, we learned how to blend our love for fashion, beauty, but also women empowerment and faith.

Here’s three things I have learned along the way and I hope they inspire you in your journey!

1 | You Can’t Please Everyone

One of the hardest things to do when building a blog or a brand is sticking to your “niche”. Naturally, we want everyone to love what we have to offer but when we try to appeal to everyone we will lose what makes us unique. I know it’s difficult and yes, you will lose people along the way, but stick to your niche, your aesthetic, your voice! In the end, the audience that hears you, is the one that needs what you have.

 photo credit @m.markguerrero

photo credit @m.markguerrero

2 | The Power of Two

Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven
— Matthew 18:19

Although I’ve never been a “crowd” person, (partially because I can feel socially awkward or the completely opposite and overwhelmed by how many people I want to talk to) I can’t stress the power of a strong support network. I can’t say CCM wouldn’t be what it is today (because God can do anything) but I also know that God knew what he was doing but placing Lex and I to work together in creating CCM as it was in God’s heart. We make a great team in so many ways and always seem to balance each other out. If you can accomplish your dream alone, your dream is much too small. The bigger the dream, the more impossible it seems, the more hands you will need, but the better chance you have at making an impact. Share your heart with others and ask them to support you in your journey, especially in prayer.

3 | You Will Be Attacked

Anytime you proclaim the name of the Lord, Whether it’s blogging, a project, starting an organization, etc. it will come with direct offenses. These attacks aren’t always from other people, (although these aren't exempt; Leaders are rarely left alone because they are going against the current) but more so in your mind. What direct attacks will look like: They will look like failure, intense desire to give up, confusion, depression, anxiety, hateful thoughts, and a clouded mind. You WILL face opposition with others, yourself, maybe even your family, but you will realize that the influence you are having in your community is priceless.


As digital influencer's we are used to measuring our success by numbers, analytics, metrics, data, insights, impressions, etc. but the truth is that when it comes to the soul...

need I say more?

You can't measure gentleness, kindness, or healing. The impression you leave in someone's mind can't be found on your Instagram insights. The influence you have on someone's life can't be found on your Google Analytics. And the way you inspire others can't be found on your latest Pinterest board.

Let's face it. If you're doing this, it isn't about the numbers. It's because you know your calling. You know your purpose and you choose to stand up for something.

So today, I want to encourage you. Run. Even if you fall. Stand. Even if your afraid. I'm rooting for you.


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