Community is important


Isn't the internet great?! We can instantly connect with our friends, shop, blog, listen to music, read, get informed, you name it! Earlier today, I felt immensely uninspired. So, I hopped on Facebook and asked my friend's what they do when they feel uninspired? They gave me so many great ideas!!! Currently: planning my next trip while listening to worship music while simultaneously watching Netflix and drinking some coffee, haha!

As of this year, I haven't stopped. I've just kept going, and going, and going #adulting #bossbabe2017 is here! Great! but wait...that means everyone is back in school, working, hustling, being busy, making things happen.

Sometimes scheduling time for friends, family, or even yourself may seem overwhelming but it is VITAL for your emotional health. so, do it!

and yes, I'm still obsessed with Rose Gold and Baseball caps! #sorrynotsorry

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Photo Credit: @m.markguerrero