There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.

More than ever our generation has become fixated on what a powerful woman looks like. We deem worthy of the title "influencer" to those with a certain degree of beauty and social media following. 

We associate power to lack of vulnerability, when truly power is inspiring compassion.

I have met people who greatly look up to women based on their Instagram account or Beauty videos. There's nothing wrong with following, learning, and appreciating others Art...but who are we placing on the pedestal of our lives?

Respect comes from recognizing an ability or a strength in the other person. This can happen one of two ways. We can look up to someone because we feel hesitant about our own selves and would love to absorb every detail about the other person, and maybe then we would feel adequate. The second way is feeling confident enough about ourselves that we also admit the areas we can grow in our lives, and would like to learn from those strong in that area.

Which one are you?

Being a strong woman doesn't mean being hard-hearted, being bold doesn't mean lack of compassion, being confident doesn't mean you have it all together.

Here are three ways I have learned to become a bold woman-

1. Have courage

Courage is the foundation of integrity. It's taking the high road often less traveled. It's easy to avoid people and situations, it takes courage to face a challenge. Your desire to accost relationships/situations will add value, and that makes you valiant. You go girl!

2. Feed your Spirit

As a tri-part being it's vital to fill your soul with positivism. After all, you can't give yourself or others what you don't have. I love to listen to motivation podcasts on the treadmill at the gym, talk about multi-tasking! Fuel your soul!!!

Suggestions- Books, Podcast (personal favorite- Joyce // Also found on Spotify), Painting/drawing, Inspirational Youtube videos, Motivational/Social events and gatherings

3. Look the part

Just like dressing up for a job interview, dress confidently. What you wear and how you present yourself is often a reflection of how you feel inside. Sometimes even dressing up when you don't feel like it can affect your mood! Don't wait for someone to raise up your arms. Lift yourself up, then go out and inspire others!