Hi Foodies,

Who else has been trying to make healthier choices in life? The struggle is real but, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try Krispy Kreme's Limited time doughnuts !

Donut worry, Be Happy!

The Chocolate chip cookie dough is a glazed doughnut with chocolate drizzle and a cookie dough dollop on top. Are you kidding me? Who doesn't love cookie dough? I know I'm not the only one who sneaks in a little bit before slipping them into the oven!

The snickerdoodle doughnut is perfect to have with some coffee on your way to work. It's not too sweet but in a good way! It's a cake doughnut rolled in cinnamon sugar with snickerdoodle pieces on top...Yum!

and last but not least, my personal favorite...The OREO Cookies and Kreme! With Oreo filling and crumbs on the top. If you're looking for a ride to the sugar factory, this just might hit home for you!


As if that's not enough, the OREO Chiller is to DIE for! It's not a smoothie and is surprisingly not as sweet as the OREO cookies and Kreme doughnut so It's just right!

I think we can agree that having a sweet tooth is both a blessing and a curse.


This post is brought to you by Krispy Kreme, while my opinions are honest always